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GOLF EXPLAINED, Mark Crossfield talks about golf terms and what they really mean for golfers. Talking Spanish hands, Spine angles and much more Mark tackles some golf phrases the audience wanted explained. Make golf more simple with Mark Crossfield's golf videos for all golfers. Music by Ryan Little subscribe to

Bermuda Golf – Mid Ocean & Turtle Hill

Bermuda is a must play for any true golf enthusiast. While small in size Bermuda is filled with beautiful courses with ocean views. I played at Mid Ocean Club and Turtle Hill Golf Club. Mid Ocean is an outstanding CB MacDonald layout filled with his classic template


WHY GET FIT FOR GOLF CLUBS, Mark Crossfield talks custom fitting and the reasons behind fitting and what it can do for your golf game.


Mark Crossfield answers a Twitter question LIVe in tonights AskAGG from his studio in Devon. Mark talks golf games and who has the best golf game. If we could choose any parts of each other golf game which parts would we choose and why.


In this video I talk about using a wide stance to hit a flop shot in golf. Then, I announce an MSE Intensive for Tampa, Florida on December 1st. The Hogan Code is available here! Golf's Greatest Lessons available here! ... I have a new documentary about Ben

H2 303 SS WEDGES – Bettinardi Golf

Robert Bettinardi challenged traditional wedge design with our 303 Stainless Steel Forged wedge line. Stainless Steel was chosen as the base metal for our wedges as a more durable alloy, giving players a sturdier feeling, longer lasting, and more forgiving club head. We kept the High Helix Cut on the


DONATE HERE TO ENTRE TO WIN THE SWAG Learn how to set up to the golf ball in this simple and effective golf tips series from Mark Crossfield. Today Mark Crossfield golf coach talks about aiming and how to get the most from a skill that many maybe misunderstand. Simple

Do you get Quick in your Golf Swing?

Have you ever watched a golf swing and just knew something was wrong but you couldn’t quite figure out what it was? Maybe it just looked ‘quick’ or the backswing looked jerky… most times you can trace these looks or poor rhythm back to incorrect sequencing of the

Bradley Hughes Golf- Chipping From Thick Greenside Rough

The closer we get to the green the shorter the swing becomes- therefore we don't need to do as much OR don't have time to do as much with the the setup becomes the more important aspect when playing short shots. Know how to setup for certain situations and

Northcliffe Golf Club – Did the Leaf stop the Birdie? 🍂🐦 / Part 1.

Join us for Some Golf for Sam's Birthday, We are playing at the beautiful Northcliffe Golf club situated just above Shipley in West Yorkshire. This course is known for its stunning first tee shot and equally stunning 18th hole. ------------------------------------------- Follow us on Instagram - ------------------------------------------------- The Equipment: Camera - ----------------------------------------------------------- The Music: Song: Ikson - Shadows

Ben Hogan’s Greatest Golf Tip Ever

Real and unscripted. Watch this scratch Golfer try our Golf Swing Trainer for the first time. Get one FREE here NO PURCH NEC. #GolfTrainingAid #GolfLessons #GolfSwingTrainer #Golf #GolfTrainer #GolfSwing #AmazonGiveaway #PGATour #SocialSaturday #SalesSaturday

Lumine Golf Club

Golf journalist James Mason from and takes a golf tour to play Lumine Golf Club, Lumine Beach and Golf Community, Hills Course reviews will appear in Issue11 of the planetgolfreview magazine. This is video is Hills Course at Lumine

LEVV Golf App Review

An unbiased user review of the LEVV Golf launch monitor app by Joe from Open Stance Golf. Talking about what it does, how it works and, most importantly, how good it is! Like the video and subscribe for FREE to the channel for loads more content coming soon! Follow Open Stance Golf