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THE GOLF PUNCH SHOT EXPLAINED by golf professional Mark Crossfield. In this golf video Mark explains how to get the most from a golf punch shot and what are the best golf tips when it comes to the perfect punch shot. Improving your skills as a golfer and working on


DOES GOLF TAKE TOO LONG, Mark Crossfield and the gang talk about golf and what it needs to move forward along with Jason Day wrists and Lockey's driver length. This is another QnA video answering viewers questions while on their Tunisia Tour with YouGolfTravel. Play your best golf with Mark's


HOW TO GET MORE SPIN ON YOUR GOLF SHOTS. This common golf question and a skill that many feel they want to be able to spin the golf ball back and stop it on the green. Where maybe this is the wrong question and maybe there is a much more

Golf Vlog – trying to break 80

I came close to breaking 80 in tournament two weeks ago with 82 strokes, however, this week I shot 88, my short game is excellent, but my problem is my drives and long irons. I'm trying to work on some drills to get that club face square. I think in order to


GOLF EXPLAINED, Mark Crossfield talks about golf terms and what they really mean for golfers. Talking Spanish hands, Spine angles and much more Mark tackles some golf phrases the audience wanted explained. Make golf more simple with Mark Crossfield's golf videos for all golfers. Music by Ryan Little subscribe to


Mark Crossfield answers a Twitter question LIVe in tonights AskAGG from his studio in Devon. Mark talks golf games and who has the best golf game. If we could choose any parts of each other golf game which parts would we choose and why.

How Baseball Can Improve Your Golf Swing

Jeff Gotham, Director of Instruction at the Leadbetter Golf Academy at Cateechee, talks about how accessing techniques used in other sports can help improve your golf swing.

Loading Your Golf Club

Learn the proper technique for loading your golf club. Jeff Gotham talks about the proper angle and hand position for preparing to strike a golf ball.


This video discusses the importance of keeping moving in your pre shot routine and the problem when you become stagnant. Interested in lessons visit Stay in touch on Facebook Instagram Twitter

Golf Mums on the course | Must Watch | Mother of Golfers

Golf isn't what you think it is. It isn't expensive, stuffy or for old people. It is for everyone. My series of videos will show you the true diversity of golf, the people, the places, the clothes, everything. After dropping our daughters off at junior coaching last week I took

Apps & Golf – New Segment Coming Soon

While golfing you will most likely have your smartphone with you, so why not make it work for you? In this new segment we will be testing and reviewing all the best golf apps, golf GPS apps, golf range finder apps and even golf game apps available on the market today. Let

1998 Golf Ball Vs 2018 Golf Ball (20 Year Test)

1998 Golf Ball Vs 2018 Golf Ball (20 Year Test) Rick Shiels tests the Titleist Professional 90 golf ball from (1998) against the latest Titleist ProV1 golf ball (2018) on GCQUAD β–ΊBecome a FREE SUBSCRIBER to RICK SHIELS now β–Ί Official Apparel and footwear partner: Nike Golf β–ΊOfficial Resort Partner: Lumine β–ΊGolf

5 Ways To Lower Your Golf Score In 2018

In this weeks video golf tip, Australian PGA Golf Professional,Brian Fitzgerald "The Golf Doctor" shows you 5 Ways To Lower Your Golf Score In 2018. There are many ways you can score lower at golf in 2018. In this video I show you 5 easy ways to a lower golf

Stack & Tilt 10 positions (face on) | Golf Tips | Lesson 67

In this lesson of golf tips, PGA professional at American Golf Aintree and Stack and Tilt instructor Nick Taylor explains the 10 positions of the Stack & Tilt golf swing using Charlie Wi as the model. LAST GOLF LESSON: Angle of attack: Music by Cappellino (YouTube channel): FRIDAYS - GOLF TIPS Subscribe

How to Master the 90 Yard Pitch | Golf Tips in 90 Seconds or Less

How to Master the 90 Yard Pitch! In this video, Tyler Dice will share with you how to master the 90 yard pitch shot. DON'T FORGET TO SHARE & SUBSCRIBE! Get Your Free EBOOK Here: Subscribe To Our Channel Here: Connect With Us: Twitter: Instagram: Facebook:

Golf Tips: stronger grip for lower ball flight and more left

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