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Mark Crossfield answers a Twitter question LIVe in tonights AskAGG from his studio in Devon. Mark talks golf games and who has the best golf game. If we could choose any parts of each other golf game which parts would we choose and why.

Do you get Quick in your Golf Swing?

Have you ever watched a golf swing and just knew something was wrong but you couldn’t quite figure out what it was? Maybe it just looked ‘quick’ or the backswing looked jerky… most times you can trace these looks or poor rhythm back to incorrect sequencing of the

Bradley Hughes Golf- Chipping From Thick Greenside Rough

The closer we get to the green the shorter the swing becomes- therefore we don't need to do as much OR don't have time to do as much with the the setup becomes the more important aspect when playing short shots. Know how to setup for certain situations and

Ben Hogan’s Greatest Golf Tip Ever

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Golf swing posture that is natural and improve golf swing for ultimate golf lessons free. Alex Fortey from the Art of Simple Golf gives you a simple golf tip to improve your address position and posture to have a better golf swing.


This video discusses the importance of keeping moving in your pre shot routine and the problem when you become stagnant. Interested in lessons visit Stay in touch on Facebook Instagram Twitter


Ali Schrock is a Senior at Pontiac Township High School, the 2017 1A Girls Golf Illinois State Champion, and very accomplished golfer. Recorded August 11th, 2018

2 Minute Tip | CROSSING THE LINE | The Golf Paradigm

If you have problems with crossing the line with your golf swing, want to understand why and want to get rid of it (although it's not as bad a problem as you've been lead to believe) we give you all the answers in our '2 Minute Tip'. What is The Golf

Arm Lift In The Golf Swing

Should I lift the arms? Should I keep them passive? Does the shoulder turn elevate the arms? These are all good questions that have been around the game for a long long time. We're going to share our take on the subject of arm lift in

Apps & Golf – New Segment Coming Soon

While golfing you will most likely have your smartphone with you, so why not make it work for you? In this new segment we will be testing and reviewing all the best golf apps, golf GPS apps, golf range finder apps and even golf game apps available on the market today. Let

Martin Hall – Helping People Play Better Golf

Introducing the newest Blast Golf Coach, Martin Hall. In this video he explains why feedback is necessary for improvement and how he helps people play better golf. For additional Blast Golf videos and to get tips and drills from the experts, check out this playlist: Blast Golf is the Complete Swing

LPGA Kia Classic 2018 | Golf with Aimee

I was invited by Kia Motors USA to vlog the tournament as an influencer. I stayed at the Aviara Resort, Park Hyatt. I got to drive down their fantastic Stinger GT from LA to Carlsbad CA. I had a blast this weekend. I hope this gives you a sense of

Golf Fitness Ep6 | Plyometrics Exercises Part 1

►Chris Fletcher SNR PGA Professional @ Trafford Golf Centre with Jack Dixon Clinical lead Physiotherapist @ Delta Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation, are on a GOLF FITNESS JOURNEY seeing what RESULTS will come from IMPROVING their :- - Golf Swings, - Physical Fitness - Flexibility - STRENGTH / POWER / EXPLOSIVE

Dubai Golf | Episode 3 – BEACH & TRUMP

►Beach mornings and playing golf at Trump International. Week 4 we'll sit down & discuss the in depth move to Dubai & whats occurs ►Please subscribe to the channel. We love bringing you fun and interesting content. ►Please Add, Follow and Like our social media platforms ►Please comment below! ►Remember to hit

Golf Tips: stronger grip for lower ball flight and more left

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Dean Reinmuth Instruction at Pelican Hill Golf

Apologies for the faulty download earlier. This one is re-edited. South Orange County residents should be familiar with the old Pelican Hill Golf range. Here, Dean Reinmuth takes his Dean of the Road instruction series and plucks a few golfers for special lessons. --------------------------------------------------- Please Like, Subscribe, or even Comment! My channel

2017 Branden Grace Swing Sequence | Golf Monthly

► Watch this Branden Grace swing sequence to see how the South African hits his driver and irons ► Become a FREE SUBSCRIBER to Golf Monthly's YouTube page now - ► For the latest reviews, new gear launches and tour news, visit our website here - ► Like us on Facebook