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1998 Golf Ball Vs 2018 Golf Ball (20 Year Test)

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1998 Golf Ball Vs 2018 Golf Ball (20 Year Test)
Rick Shiels tests the Titleist Professional 90 golf ball from (1998) against the latest Titleist ProV1 golf ball (2018) on GCQUAD


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10 thoughts on “1998 Golf Ball Vs 2018 Golf Ball (20 Year Test)

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    1. Rick Shiels Golf this is one of the best ideas you had in a long time and I don’t mean it as a internet troll either

    2. Would also be cool to see a new ball performance vs a waterlogged ball from a lake or pond. Is there any different in performance. I see alot of budget friendly or second hand balls that come from here.

  2. Love this video. Just shows there is NO NEED to roll back the ball at all. They just need to move with the times, golf is moving on technology wise and we should just embrace it.

  3. As a old subscriber I just want to say you should really stop telling people to like and subscribe in the beginning of the video how can someone like your video if they haven’t even seen it yet? Rather add that at the end of the video it just seems desperate for subscribers…no hate love your channel I just think you need to add it at then end of the video or don’t mention it at all if people are interested they will sub, asking every video in the first 30 seconds of the vid is annoying

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